Listerine: Bring Out the Bold

It all began with a simple hypothesis:
Listerine users care more about their mouths,
might they also want more out of life?

We sought out to prove it with data, and created The Study of Bold.
The results proved to a 95% confidence level that yes, Listerine users live bolder lives!
From this, Bring Out The Bold was born.

From those findings, we made TV spots, online video, print ads, out of home, and more.

A global, integrated campaign based in real data.

We created and designed contextually relevant print ads
based on our Study of Bold facts about Listerine users.

Our campaign was translated and transcreated into languages across the world,
using regionally relevant data to fuel the creative.

We took our data and published it in a PDF version of the Study of Bold,
downloadable on the Listerine homepage here.